Braghan Bridge

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  • September 12, 2012

September 2012

Re: Indiscriminate Vandalism caused to Braghan Bridge / Sea Defence Wall, Baltray, Drogheda, County Louth.

Councillor Oliver Tully is calling for immediate repairs to be carried out to Braghan Bridge Baltray. Extensive indiscriminate damage was caused recently to The Braghan Bridge located at the entrance to Baltray village. The bridge is listed in the County Louth Development Plan 2009-2015, Volume 2, in the Record of Protected Structures as a Three Arch Stone Road Bridge, LHS 025-004, and is part of our National Heritage. The Stone Sea Defence Wall, which was recently increased in height, to prevent further flooding to the Village of Baltray and its hinterland, was also seriously damaged.

The incident occurred where both structures are interconnected and was apparently carried out by the driver of a large vehicle that drove off and left the scene of the incident. As can be seen from the picture attached, the breach in the Sea Defence Wall and the Parapet to the Bridge is extensive. Cllr Tully maintains that it is imperative that repairs to both structures are carried out as soon as possible to prevent a repeat of the disastrous flooding as in 2002 when over 30 houses in Baltray were uninhabitable for up to 2 years after flooding caused by high seas and adverse weather conditions.

While Councillor Tully knows that funding might be tight for these unplanned repairs he has requested the officials of Louth County Council to leave no stone unturned until the Council finds the money to fund the repairs to the Bridge and Sea Defence Wall before the winter storms.

Further to the enclosed press release in relation to the destruction of a portion of the parapet to Braghan Bridge and the Sea Defence Wall at Baltray please find attached a photograph indicating the extent of the damage caused to both structures.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr. Oliver Tully MCC.
Member Louth County Council

Damaged Braghan Bridge

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