Budget Cuts May Hit the Road Safety Measures Proposed for Termonfeckin

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  • October 08, 2012

The residents of Termonfeckin and the surrounding area were devastated to realise that the fallout from the recent savage budget cuts will have a knock on effect on road safety in their village.

At the October meeting of Louth County Council Cllr Oliver Tully, who has been persistently lobbying the council for years, asked for a time frame for the implementation of the proposed road safety measures? These measures, which are being actively worked on at present by the County Council are to include a new system of motion sensitive traffic lights to allow maximum flow of through traffic on the main Drogheda Road incorporating a pedestrian crossing on the Baltray Road and a pedestrian footbridge to the East of the existing historical stone bridge. Mrs Joan Martin, Director of Infrastructure informed the meeting that the proposals still have to go to a part 8, and that it will be next year before work could commence, depending on money being available to complete the project

Councillor Tully was previously told by officials that the three road safety recommendations / proposals for this junction would be in place by the end of this year These measures are part of the road safety strategy for the county and are to increase safety at what has become one of the biggest accident black – spots in South Louth, the Baltray Road junction at the bridge in Termonfeckin.

The people of Termonfeckin and children attending the local national school have had to cope for years with the ever increasing volume of traffic at this dangerous junction. Cllr. Tully, since his election in 1991, has consistently proposed safety measures at this accident black spot. He was promised, as recently as this summer, that monies would be made available to carry out these works.

Mr Tully has stated that he will hold Louth County Council responsible for any further accidents at the Baltray Road junction at the bridge in Termonfeckin.

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