Councillor Calls for Traffic Calming at Orchard Villas to Big Street Termonfeckin.

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  • April 12, 2014

Councillor Oliver Tully has requested that Louth County Council install traffic calming / road safety measures in the vicinity of the entrance to Orchard Villas Termonfeckin.  He has put this in an item on the agenda for the March meeting of Louth County Council.

The local councillor explained that the large volume of traffic entering the village of Termonfeckin via the Castlecoo Hill usually travel at speeds far in excess of the speed limit for the area.   Recently there was a serious 2 car collision at the 4 crossroad junction at Big St. R166.   This accident appears to have been caused because the motorist was driving too fast from the Orchard Villas direction on the LS6281 Castle Coo Hill road and failed to stop at the junction of this road with the Main St., Big St road the R166.  Cars continually drive through this junction without stopping, some at excessive speed, even though there are 2 stop signs and a stop line.

Councillor Tully explained that the minimum that would be required to prevent this happening again and other accidents occurring in the vicinity of the entrance to Orchard Villas and the Big Street with the LS6281 Castlecoo Hill Road would be:

  • Rumble strips / ramps from the 50kph signs approaching the village from Castlecoo Hill to its junction with the Big St / Main St junction R166.
  • A pedestrian crossing from Orchard Villas to what has become a school bus stop opposite the estate’s entrance.
  • The provision of a proper bus stop opposite the entrance to Orchard Villas.
  • Large gateway warning signs from the 50kph signs on the Castlecoo Hill Road, to, and at it’s junction with the Regional Road R166.
  • An additional speed bump / ramp / rumble strips should be installed inside the Orchard Villas estate as you enter / exit it to the main road.

In reply the Council officials have given a commitment to Cllr Tully to carry out a survey to determine if traffic calming measures are warranted at this location.

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