Flood Abatement Measures Welcomed for Baltray

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  • May 02, 2010

May 2010

Councilor Oliver Tully has welcomed the allocation of additional funding for coastal protection measures in Baltray. Recently the Office of Public Works allocated funding to Louth County Council to carry out additional coastal protection works to prevent the flooding of this picturesque village. In February of 2002 over 30 houses and the local public house in the village were severely damaged as the result of an exceptionally high tide and a variety of other weather related incidents occurring at the same time.

Last year the County Council spent over 25,000 euro closing a breech in the sea defense system at the Meadow Baltray. This breech/gap was located between the Premier Periclase reservoir and a sea defense wall. The previous year, in 2008, funding in excess of 75,000 euro was allocated to increase the height of this sea defense wall. The local councilor has been assured by the council officials that these new works should prevent the passage of flood water accessing the village at the Meadows Baltray, in future.

When this funding was allocated in 2009 Cllr Tully stated ‘That this funding while being very welcome was only a drop in the ocean as to what was really required to prevent further flooding of the picturesque village of Baltray and had vowed to continue lobbying until all flood prevention measures had been put in place’.

Earlier this year Councillor Tully lobbied the county council for additional funding to carry out the next phase of works to prevent Baltray village from tidal flooding. The County Council’s engineers submitted the proposals to the government for funding to carry out these works. The proposals included the raising of the stone sea defense wall along the promenade and recapping it. This wall is almost 470 meters in length and extends from the village centre to Braghan Bridge. During the flood of 2002 this wall was completely submerged under the flood tide and had shown itself to be totally inadequate for the purpose it was intended. It is hoped to raise this wall to a sufficient height to prevent a further tidal flood over it.

While the new funding in the region of 160,000 euro is most welcome Cllr Tully has stated that ‘While the battle to keep out the flood water is almost over there is further works still necessary to prevent a further catastrophic flooding occurring in this picturesque village of Baltray’.

May 2010

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